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Alcohol licensing is the responsibility of the Scottish Government. Any premises wishing to sell alcohol must obtain a licence from a local licensing board.  The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 aims to simplify and modernise the existing legislation.  It also balances the rights of the majority of people who drink responsibly against the need to protect local communities from nuisance and crime associated with misuse of alcohol.  You can obtain more information or download the Act at the following links:

The Licensing (Scotland) 2005 Act has five objectives:

  1. Preventing crime and disorder
  2. Securing public safety
  3. Preventing public nuisance
  4. Protecting and improving public health
  5. Protecting children from harm

These form the basis of the Act and aim to improve the alcohol culture in Scotland. Lanarkshire ADP have a role in promoting all of these five objectives and aim to do so via the Licensing Forum’s in North Lanarkshire and South Lanarkshire Councils, which feed into the regulatory Licensing Boards.

Local Licensing Forums

North Lanarkshire Council has one Licensing Board and one Licensing forum.

In South Lanarkshire there are four Licensing Divisions - Clydesdale; East Kilbride; Hamilton and Rutherglen/Cambuslang

Representatives from the ADP or a Public Health Professional are represented on the Forums.

Licensing Forums in Lanarkshire have a remit to:

  • Constantly review the licensing system and provide advice and recommendations to the board.
  • Meet at least 4 times a year, one of which must be with the Licensing Board
  • They do not make decisions on licensing matters or get involved with individual premises or applications.

The ADP strive to ensure that ADP representation or Public Health Professional will ensure our communities in Lanarkshire will have a:

  • Safer night-time economy
  • Safer streets
  • Reduced harm to health
  • More tight controls on access to alcohol
  • More public awareness on alcohol issues
  • More responsibility taken by licensees and staff
  • Tighter controls over unacceptable behaviour in and around licensed premises
  • Less toleration of drunkenness and disorder
  • Rights to object and complain
  • Access to licensing forums to raise issues
  • More responsibility on retailers to prevent access to alcohol by young people

Alcohol: The Facts in Lanarkshire

A report, which can be accessed via the link on the right hand side, was prepared in September 2012 as a starting point to understand better the alcohol-related issues across Lanarkshire that licensing boards and forums may be able to influence through policy and decision-making. This report was written by Dr Harpreet Kohli, Director of Public Health, NHS Lanarkshire and aimed to provide a Lanarkshire perspective on alcohol-related issues in relation to the five licensing objectives, noting that ‘protecting children from harm’ forms part of the other objectives. The report is not an exhaustive list of alcohol-related information but there is evidence that alcohol plays a significant part within these objectives.

Overprovision in Alcohol Licensing

This report, which can be accessed via a link on the right hand side, provides a summary of research carried out by Dr. Niamh Fitzgerald, Lecturer in Alcohol Studies at the University of Stirling. The research sought to describe the perspective of Alcohol and Drug Partnerships, public health representatives and other stakeholders who have experience in this work. Its focus is on how to take forward actions to robustly identify, raise awareness of, and build support for licensing policy that recognises overprovision where relevant. The findings from the research are intended to inform NHS Lanarkshire, who are at an early stage in this work, about the best ways to approach the issue of possible overprovision of licensed premises.

If you would like more information about your local licensing forum please contact The Portman Group

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