Training for staff and professionals working in Lanarkshire is available through a variety of sources. Choosing which type of training is suitable for you will greatly depend on various factors which may include:

  • Your Work force development needs
  • Your role in relation to alcohol and drug service provision
  • Current level of competence in dealing with issues around alcohol and drugs and the level of competence you are aiming to attain

Whist Lanarkshire ADP are not a training provider/ organisation, we do seek to assist staff in accessing appropriate routes to support their workforce development needs. We do this by either:

  • Commissioning specific training to equip our drug and alcohol workforce
  • Signpost to appropriate workforce development
  • Endeavour to fund or find funds for staff/ community groups to attend training.

Use the links below to access more information about training available to staff working in Lanarkshire.

Alcohol Focus Scotland

Scottish Training on Drugs and Alcohol (STRADA)

Strengthening Families

Alcohol Brief Interventions (ABI) Training

*Please note: This training is available for NHS staff only

Alcohol Brief Interventions (ABI) have been shown to be effective in reducing alcohol consumption within risky drinkers for periods lasting up to a year. Lanarkshire ADP continue to support NHS Lanarkshire staff in achieving the national H4 target for Alcohol Brief Interventions and the related Locality Performance Review targets. Details of ABI training and dates are available via Firstport/Staff Support/Alcohol Brief Interventions Training.

Psychosocial Training

A psychosocial manual has been developed and training is currently being rolled out by the Addictions Psychology staff.

Modified date: 12 May 14 


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