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Treatment Process Model

The Treatment Process Model has been implemented across Lanarkshire, which gives guidance on how to use link node maps to actively engage clients in their recovery journeys.

Specialist treatment services in Lanarkshire

Pathways to Recovery was developed in Lanarkshire to guide practitioners who work with alcohol & drug users whilst allowing them to use their judgment in managing a service user’s care. It is based on the National Treatment Agency’s “Models of Care” and is a useful tool in describing the different interventions available to a service user and the treatment pathways which can be tailored to suit their needs.

If they need help with a prescription, or more specialist psychological (e.g. counselling, group work, inpatient or residential care) or social (e.g. housing, benefit advice, child care) support you can find their nearest treatment service by looking at our service finder as it has a list of services by area. To find out more about what happens within the treatment services in Lanarkshire click here.

Maintaining recovery

The big things that are important to maintain recovery are likely to be different from the things that helped someone to stop using. Click here to get a copy of My Recovery Action Plan (MyRAP) which will help your client to think about ways of making sure that they get all the support they need within their local community in North or South Lanarkshire. They also might want to check out some of the education, training and volunteering opportunities within your local area.

Modified date: 12 May 14 


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