Lanarkshire Alcohol and Drug Partnership to support professionals who are working with the issues of people with alcohol and drug problems. Strategically, we aim to support all professionals, staff and volunteers working or providing services across Lanarkshire.

Our vision, direction and commitment to services is clearly outlined in the Lanarkshire ADP Strategy 2012-15.

We have implemented our vision by commissioning services that are based on the need of our communities across Lanarkshire. Service providers are closely monitored in terms of their performance and the level of service they provide to people accessing them in relation to alcohol and drugs; this is done via our 'Monitoring and Performance Framework’. Our commissioning process is transparent; more information is available in the Commissioning section of the website and in our Delivery Plan 2012-2015.

You can also use the links above to find information on training,access published material and other sources of support that may be useful to those working in the field of drug and alcohol.

Modified date: 12 May 14 


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