Our Commissioning Framework

Our Commissioning Strategy sets out our approach to matching service provision to match those needs and provides a foundation to monitor the effectiveness of services.

In line with the National Performance Framework Lanarkshire ADP are extending the focus of performance management beyond the delivery of outputs (Local Improvement Targets: North; Local Improvement Targets: South) to include outcomes. Public services need to deliver on outcomes if we are to successfully contribute to national goals; Lanarkshire ADP have developed a Delivery Plan which is informed by the National Outcomes Toolkit for alcohol and drug services.

Needs Assessments we have commissioned:-

We have commissioned the following needs assessment over the past three years:-

Tenders we are currently commissioning:-

Performance Management Information

All of the services we fund provide annual reports which benchmark performance against the activities, interventions, resources and results within a Service Level Agreement (SLAs). SLAs are contracts between NHS Lanarkshire Board and its partner organsations that specify what work will be done in return for an agreed amount of funding. This helps to ensure that NHS Lanarkshire and its partners are effective and offer good value for money.

Annual Reports for 2010/11 for all of our services are available by clicking the link.

Modified date: 09 May 14 


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