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Recovery in action

Research for Recovery: A Review of the Drugs Evidence Base was commissioned by the Scottish Government to review the existing evidence base against the needs of the Government’s drugs strategy, The Road to Recovery. The research strengthens the evidence base available to all partners working together to steer people away from problem drug use.

Minister for Community Safety Fergus Ewing said “For the first time, this review brings together the national and international evidence around ‘what works’ in drugs recovery, providing us with more information on the most promising and potentially effective approaches.

The findings from this research will help to inform the commissioning and delivery of services in Scotland, the establishment of recovery-focused outcomes and indicators, and the involvement of service users and communities in developing knowledge about recovery and service provision. "We welcome the review of evidence which highlights that people can and do recover from even the most serious drug problems.  The review also supports our belief that building upon personal strengths, community and family resources are essential to the success of an individual’s recovery. We would encourage the use of this evidence review to expand recovery based approaches across Lanarkshire.

Maintaining your recovery

The big things that are important to maintain your recovery are likely to be different from the things that helped you to stop using. Click here to get a copy of a Recovery Action Plan which will help you to think about ways of making sure that you get all the support you need within your local community in North or South Lanarkshire. You also might want to check out some of the education, training and volunteering opportunities within your local area.

From their office base in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire Communities of Recovery recruit, train and support groups of volunteer Peer Supporters to work with other people in recovery across Lanarkshire.

The Scottish Recovery Consortium is a small independent charity funded by the Scottish Government to support the implementation of national drug strategy, ‘The Road to Recovery’. They work with people in recovery, treatment providers, recovery communities and support agencies to build the capacity of the recovery movement on a local and national level.

Wired In will also put you in touch with other people recovering in your local area.

Modified date: 12 May 14 


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