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Children and young people

As children and young people move towards adulthood, they are increasingly faced with many choices and challenges, including those surrounding alcohol and drugs.

The type of things that they face could be around their own experimentation or use of alcohol or drugs or someone else’s use; like a parent, carer or other close relative.

It is important for all children and young people to know that across North and South Lanarkshire there are a wide range of services providing information, advice and support. This is on offer in a range of different ways including youth counselling, streetwork, or peer education.

Young carers, who may be looking after someone with a drug or alcohol problem, can also get the help they need as can other family members and friends who are affected; take a look at the Action for Children website for more info.

Across Lanarkshire, there are also a wide range of diversionary activities for children and young people; whether you live in North or South Lanarkshire why not get involved in something other than drugs or alcohol!

If you want to know more information about drugs, there are some really useful helplines. The Know the Score helpline (0800 587 587 9) has trained advisers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week as well as a website full of useful information.  You can also find out more about drugs and their effects by checking out the talk to frank website.

Modified date: 22 Feb 11 


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