Lanarkshire Addiction Recovery Consortium

Lanarkshire Addiction Recovery Consortium (LARC)

Derek McCabe, development officer at LARC has found that "a lot of those in recovery reach a stage where they want to put something back in and we try to provide them with an opportunity to do this. We are keen to drive forward the notion that people who have had an addiction problem do recover and can contribute a wealth of experience to society."

Ged, LARC’s chairman adds “This is an exciting time in Lanarkshire. We in LARC hope to show recovery does happen, people can move on in their lives with more hope, choice and freedom to give something back to the community and also to show we can make a difference and to be there for people if they wish before, during and after treatment to help them along in their own recovery journey”.

Modified date: 11 May 14 


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