ADP Support Team

The work of the ADP is supported by a small, dedicated team. The team provide clearly defined strategic support functions to assist the ADP in meeting their responsibilities as set out in the Framework for Local Partnerships on Alcohol and Drugs.

The support team help the ADP to:

  • Conduct needs assessments
  • Identify key outcomes relating to drugs and alcohol misuse, their place within the wider framework of priority outcomes contained within Single Outcome Agreements, and how their achievement will be measured
  • Set out clearly and openly the totality of resources that each partner is directing to the pursuit of alcohol and drugs outcomes
  • Set out an outline of the services to be provided and/or commissioned reflecting the local assessment of need, including developing service maps which identifies all services available locally;
  • Consider issues such as workforce development and ensuring the workforce is equipped with the skills to deliver
  • Set out an approach to the commissioning and delivery of services, including preventative interventions, in pursuit of the outcomes identified

    More detail on these areas of work can be found in the Lanarkshire ADP Strategy 2012-2015, Delivery Plan 2012-2015 and Recovery Strategy 2010-2014.

    The team comprises:
Modified date: 09 May 17 


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